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For work and for play

The theme for this is­sue is Work Trucks, but that doesn’t mean it will be a bor­ing is­sue. We’ve put to­gether a good mix of tech and fea­ture ar­ti­cles that ap­plies di­rectly to most work trucks but doesn’t leave out the per­for­mance en­thu­si­ast in you. The Cum­mins, Du­ra­max and Power Stroke tech ar­ti­cles can help you ad­dress and im­prove is­sues and ar­eas of your truck whether it’s used for work, for your daily com­mute or is ex­clu­sively re­served for play or show du­ties. Speak­ing of show trucks, they can be work trucks too— think about the Di­a­mond Eye Per­for­mance Ram and the Matchbox Su­per Duty fea­tured in this is­sue. Both of those trucks do work by be­ing on dis­play and draw­ing at­ten­tion to their com­pany. Their work is to draw eye­balls to their cause and they both do it well.

In ad­di­tion to the tech and fea­ture ar­ti­cles we also have a first look at the 2019 GMC Sierra half-ton pickup, and we look for­ward to bring­ing you more in­for­ma­tion on the new 3.0L diesel en­gine as soon as we are able. We also plan to slip be­hind the wheel of a diesel half-ton Sierra or cor­po­rate sib­ling Sil­ver­ado as soon as pos­si­ble, too. To round out the is­sue, we have cov­er­age of two events (one from Ohio and one from Ten­nessee) and an­other Reader’s Ride minifea­ture. Re­mem­ber, if you feel that your truck is wor­thy of be­ing fea­tured in the magazine but we haven’t done a photo shoot with you yet, one of the best ways to get no­ticed is to send us pho­tos and a de­scrip­tion of your truck and up­grades. Even if it doesn’t lead to a full-blown fea­ture you may be the next Reader’s Ride fea­tured in the magazine.

By the time you read this, the Spring Rudy’s event and UCC will be in the books— each event is less than a month away as I write these words. I won­der what new and un­ex­pected things will hap­pen at Rudy’s and if we’ll see a new Ul­ti­mate Call­out Cham­pion a week later—or will the Fire­punk dom­i­nance turn into a 3-peat cham­pi­onship and the be­gin­nings of a diesel dy­nasty? No mat­ter what hap­pens we can be sure that it will be ex­cit­ing, and the UDBG staff will be there with their cam­eras pointed at the ac­tion to bring it to you here and in our sis­ter magazine Diesel World.

As for the work-ver­sus-play co­nun­drum—i’ve been told that I have the coolest job in the world, trav­el­ing and wit­ness­ing first­hand some amaz­ing au­to­mo­tive ad­ven­tures and in­cred­i­ble au­to­mo­tive ac­com­plish­ments. Over the years I have rid­den in race cars with leg­ends like Mario An­dretti and Robby Gor­don and have even earned a Baja 1000 class win. So yeah, my job is pretty darn cool! But on the other hand, driv­ing through the night or sit­ting at my desk for hours on end to meet dead­lines can be rough too, so it cer­tainly is work. Even at times when I have been lan­guish­ing at the key­board try­ing to make the right words come out (like now, when it’s been about 28 hours straight), I can lean back and think about all the cool peo­ple I’ve met and things I’ve done and wit­nessed. The pain and frus­tra­tion fades away and it is all good! No mat­ter what work you do or where your diesel ad­ven­tures take you, have fun, be good, and un­til next time keep it shiny side up! UDBG

Which one is a work truck—or are they both work trucks? Re­ally all diesel trucks are work trucks, aren’t they?!?

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