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Wa­gler Mo­tor­sports Park & JL Au­dio fac­tory tour

To con­tinue to push the de­vel­op­ment of high-per­for­mance diesel mo­tor­sports to the next level and be­yond, the team at Wa­gler Com­pe­ti­tion Prod­ucts led by Jeremy Wa­gler has pur­chased Lyons Race­way Park in Lyons, Indiana, and is re­nam­ing it Wa­gler Mo­tor­sports Park. The 1/8-mile dragstrip will un­dergo much more than a name change; it will be­come a pri­vate mo­tor­sports test­ing fa­cil­ity and will still host a num­ber of spe­cial events through­out the 2018 sea­son.

The track was built in 1996 and con­tin­ues to be in ex­cel­lent shape for 1/8-mile drag race test­ing and events. To ex­pand on the grounds’ use­ful­ness to per­for­mance en­thu­si­asts of all kinds, the WMP team is ad­ding a sled pull track and pro­fes­sional dyno-tun­ing fa­cil­ity, Crit­i­cal Cal­i­bra­tion, Inc. Lo­cated about an hour and a half from In­di­anapo­lis In­ter­na­tional Air­port and ten miles off In­ter­state 69 in ru­ral Indiana, the fa­cil­ity is a great lo­ca­tion for race and pull teams to test con­ve­niently and dis­creetly to take their oper­a­tion to the next level. We look for­ward to be­ing there for the Wa­gler Diesel Com­pe­ti­tion on June 8 and 9. UDBG

The track has nice grand­stands set near the start line to catch all the ac­tion off the line. We look for­ward to seeing the pull track that the Wa­gler Mo­tor­sport Park team will be putting in be­fore the Wa­gler Diesel Com­pe­ti­tion in June.

We caught the Wa­gler shop truck in ac­tion on the drag strip last sum­mer when it was still us­ing the tur­bos along with the su­per­charger. Wa­gler Mo­tor­sports Park is ca­pa­ble of han­dling big-power rigs like the shop truck, as well as Jeff Lutz’s Mad Max in...

Dur­ing the Wa­gler Gas vs. Diesel Shootout, Ryan Mil­liken yanked the front tires into the air with his Cum­mins Nova on more than one pass. In fact, he lifted the tires more than once in a pass on his way to the win. The Nova seemed to like the track and...

Su­per Stock class trucks like Johnny Gil­bert’s Stain­less Diesel rig and Lavon Miller’s Fire­punk Diesel en­try took to the track as well.

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