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Us­ing waste veg­etable oil in diesel cars and trucks is noth­ing new. Peo­ple have been do­ing it for years to save money and re­duce their fuel bills. Many peo­ple en­joy the french fry smell in the ex­haust, but won­der if they are leav­ing any power on the ta­ble com­pared to stan­dard #2 diesel fuel. While Matt Ford’s truck was strapped to the BDP dyno we de­cided to find out.

With the fac­tory tune in the truck the horse­power and torque curves we mea­sured were very sim­i­lar, with the veg­gie runs fall­ing slightly be­hind the #2 fuel dyno pulls. The small dif­fer­ence of about 5 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque would be dif­fi­cult to no­tice on the street. When the per­for­mance en­ve­lope was pushed with the BDP hot tune, the dif­fer­ence be­tween the two fu­els in per­for­mance ap­pli­ca­tions re­ally came to light.

Granted, the hot tune on veg­gie fuel picked up nearly 100 hp over the fac­tory tune on veg­gie and was only 27.2 hp less than the same tune on diesel fuel. While the peaks are sim­i­lar, the power and torque curves mea­sured across the rpm band clearly show that diesel fuel is much bet­ter at mak­ing more power in the higher rpm ranges and suf­fers far less drop off than the veg­gie oil fuel.

Don’t get us wrong—we’re not say­ing that waste veg­etable oil fu­els are not good or that they don’t make power. We are sim­ply show­ing you that plain old reli­able #2 diesel makes more power and does it over a wider rpm range than the WVO with a per­for­mance tune. So on those days when you are shoot­ing for max­i­mum mpg, leave the switch in the WVO mode. But if you want to win that drag race, even if it is just to the next stop­light, switch it back to #2 diesel fuel!

But burn­ing stan­dard #2 diesel fuel the truck made great power with the BDP hot tune.

Burn­ing waste veg­etable oil the truck made good power us­ing the BDP hot tune.

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