Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide - - Repairing A Def-contaminated Fuel System -

Diesel ex­haust fluid (DEF) con­sists of 32.5 per­cent high-pu­rity syn­thetic urea and 67.5 per­cent deion­ized wa­ter. DEF is slightly heav­ier than wa­ter at 9.08 lbs. per gal­lon (ver­sus 8.34). De­spite mar­ket­ing names such as Ad­blue and Blue DEF, it’s a clear liq­uid with a slight smell of am­mo­nia. DEF has a freez­ing point of 12 de­grees Fahren­heit, but since both urea and wa­ter freeze and thaw at the same rate, it’s okay to use if frozen and thawed. Most trucks have a DEF heat­ing sys­tem to keep the truck run­ning in ex­tremely cold weather.

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