Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide - - Steering Fix -

Not sure if you re­ally need to do a steer­ing up­grade? Have the play in your steer­ing checked. Most com­pe­tent shops will give you an hon­est eval­u­a­tion, or you can check for steer­ing play your­self by rais­ing the truck on one side, turn­ing the front tire, and look­ing for com­po­nent move­ment. A lit­tle move­ment in the sus­pen­sion equates to a lot of move­ment at the tire. The cen­ter link, pit­man arm, and idler arm are the com­po­nents to which you should pay at­ten­tion, but worn ball joints, A-arm bush­ings and other front sus­pen­sion pieces can con­tribute to poor steer­ing as well. Any com­po­nents that are de­ter­mined to have ex­ces­sive wear should be re­placed. The Cog­nito up­grades seen here won’t fix worn com­po­nents, but they can help to re­duce wear on your new re­place­ment parts and make your truck steer bet­ter than the day it rolled of the dealer’s lot.

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