Elim­i­nat­ing a com­mon prob­lem with One Up Of­froad trac­tion bars

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Mas­sive horse­power and torque is prob­a­bly the big­gest rea­son any of us drive diesel pick­ups. But putting that power to the ground ef­fec­tively and hav­ing the sta­bil­ity to use it all while tow­ing is some­thing of­ten over­looked when it comes to up­grad­ing your truck. Bolt­ing on a good set of trac­tion bars can pay div­i­dends to keep­ing your driv­e­train happy by elim­i­nat­ing axle wrap and keep­ing the tires planted un­der heavy ac­cel­er­a­tion. The right rear airbags can re­ally aid in tow­ing per­for­mance as well, with a more sta­ble feel un­der a heavy load, not to men­tion elim­i­nat­ing an­noy­ing rear-end sag from a bunch of trailer tongue weight.


Large amounts of low-end torque can put a lot of stress on the drive line, U-joints, and the rear pin­ion, so much so that the rear axle will try and wrap it­self down­ward as the tires are grab­bing for trac­tion. This axle wrap mo­tion

throws off pin­ion an­gles and can lead to bind­ing of the U-joints, which over time can lead to pre­ma­ture fail­ure. An­other down­side is ag­gres­sive wheel hop and tire slip­page, ob­vi­ous pit­falls when try­ing to get a heavy load mov­ing or to get power planted at the dragstrip. To over­come these is­sues, One Up Of­froad de­vel­oped frame-mounted, short gusset trac­tion bar kits avail­able for GM, Ford, and Dodge ap­pli­ca­tions that are a sim­ple no-weld, bolt-in de­sign.

The OUO Trac­tions Bars are unique in that the front mount does not use a typ­i­cal heim joint, but a large bush­ing joint that al­lows the bar a full range of mo­tion with­out bind­ing and added noise un­der nor­mal sus­pen­sion travel. The short gusset bars work great on any height truck and the two-piece bar de­sign al­lows the over­all length to be ad­justed to fit each ap­pli­ca­tion per­fectly. As a com­plete bolt-in kit, the axle brack­ets com­pletely re­place the fac­tory U-bolt axle clamp and house the new mount­ing lo­ca­tion for the trac­tion bar. The frame side bracket is bolted with eight bolts per side, so there is some drilling re­quired.


Since this par­tic­u­lar truck has been slightly low­ered al­ready both front and rear, hook­ing up to just about any size trailer shows some pretty mas­sive sag in the rear end and was putting the rear axle on the bump stops quite reg­u­larly. As any­one who un­der­stands sus­pen­sion me­chan­ics can imag­ine, smack­ing the bump stop leads to a harsh, un­wanted ride qual­ity, so a set of rear air bags was the per­fect res­o­lu­tion. For this ap­pli­ca­tion, the new Air Lift Load Lifter 5000 bags with their unique in­ter­nal bump stop were go­ing to be a per­fect fit.

In­stalled be­tween the axle and frame rails, re­plac­ing the stock bump stop, the new bags al­low you to run zero air pres­sure when un­loaded so the ride qual­ity will not change, but once loaded a quick air pres­sure ad­just­ment will help han­dle that trailer and keep the rear sus­pen­sion from bot­tom­ing out over rougher road con­di­tions. As for the air pres­sure ad­just­ments, Air Lift of­fers mul­ti­ple op­tions de­pen­dent on your needs and bud­get, from valve stems in­stalled on the rear bumper, an on-board air sup­ply kit with wire­less re­mote, or their au­to­matic load lev­el­ing sys­tem that adds or re­moves pres­sure as re­quired based off frame-mounted sen­sors.

Of­ten­times truck own­ers fo­cus on just bolt­ing on horse­power en­hance­ments and fancy wheel and tire pack­ages for bet­ter looks and off-road trac­tion. But all the horse­power in the world won’t get you any­where if you can’t plant it to the ground ef­fi­ciently. UDBG

02With the rear bar loosely bolted up to the axle bracket, the for­ward bar can be slipped into it and held in place along the frame at your pre­ferred lo­ca­tion to meet the bar an­gle and length best suited for your ap­pli­ca­tion.

01 One Up Of­froad’s short gusset trac­tion bars are a uni­ver­sal length fit since the two bars sup­plied for each side of the truck can be slipped to­gether, drilled, and as­sem­bled to fit any length chas­sis or mount along the frame wher­ever you’d pre­fer.

03The axle side mounts are su­per sim­ple to in­stall, es­pe­cially if you’ve sprung the ex­tra coin for all new axle U-bolts and nuts from OUO. Sim­ply re­move your fac­tory U-bolts, lower the axle mount, and re­place with the new coated axle bracket sup­plied by OUO. This bracket has been de­signed to house the lower trac­tion bar bracket di­rectly be­low the axle.

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