Fab­ri­cated steel lift blocks—worth the in­vest­ment?

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Many trucks have lift blocks in­stalled from the fac­tory, and a lot of lifted trucks use lift blocks in the rear. For mall cruis­ers and gas-pow­ered trucks it may not be too big a deal to use cast lift blocks, but with a pow­er­ful diesel en­gine un­der the hood and the load these trucks are ca­pa­ble of tow­ing and haul­ing, are cast lift blocks safe? Many truck en­thu­si­asts say no, they are not. Short of buy­ing an ex­pen­sive set of cus­tom leaf springs, what al­ter­na­tives are there?

The team at Top Gun Cus­tomz in Al­coa, Ten­nessee, has de­vel­oped fab­ri­cated steel lift blocks that can with­stand the abuse our trucks de­liver. They are even avail­able in a wide va­ri­ety of heights, from 1 to 6 inches in 1/2-inch in­cre­ments, to al­low you to set the ride height of your truck with far more pre­ci­sion than is pos­si­ble with most stan­dard lift blocks. The steel fab­ri­cated block is also pre- ci­sion ma­chined to fit each ap­pli­ca­tion and is far stronger than a cast block, mean­ing that even in cases of vi­o­lent wheel hop the block will stay in one piece. Start­ing with the 4-inch block and larger, the blocks are built with gus­sets on each side for even more strength. For max­i­mum sta­bil­ity, the blocks are a full 3 inches wide to mate prop­erly to the spring and spring perch. They are also ta­pered where nec­es­sary for proper pin­ion an­gle cor­rec­tion to pre­vent driv­e­line vi­bra­tion and pre­ma­ture U-joint wear.

We made a trip to visit the Top Gun fa­cil­ity and watched as Cody Best welded a set of lift blocks. Then we fol­lowed the in­stal­la­tion of a set to re­place cast blocks on a Dodge 2500. Newer Dodge trucks have three lo­cat­ing studs on the leaf spring pack, and these blocks are de­signed with that in mind so no mod­i­fi­ca­tions to the leaf springs are re­quired for in­stal­la­tion. Us­ing the lift in the shop, it took Top Gun in­staller Bran­don Greene less than an hour to swap out the lift blocks. If you are in­stalling them in your garage or drive­way you may need a lit­tle more time. As al­ways, when­ever you are work­ing on your truck prac­tice safe shop tech­niques, and if you’re ever in doubt have your lo­cal diesel per­for­mance shop work on it for you. Just re­mem­ber to tell them that your friends at Ul­ti­mate Diesel Builder’s Guide sent you. UDBG!

Big diesel trucks need lift blocks that are as strong as the en­gine un­der the hood.

These fab­ri­cated steel lift blocks from Top Gun Cus­tomz come in a great-look­ing black fin­ish and are stronger than cast blocks.

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