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Trepador is an ex­treme of­froad tire that was de­signed to con­quer tough ter­rain, and it ex­cels in deep sand or dirt. The Trepador Bias is a true off-road per­former that’s been de­vel­oped and tested in off-road rac­ing. While the Trepador Ra­dial in­her­its the ag­gres­sive tread pat­tern of the Trepador Bias but gives nice ride com­fort on road with its ra­dial struc­ture and joint less spi­ral-wound cap ply that max­i­mizes ride re­fine­ment and dura­bil­ity. The Trepador’s ny­lon belt-re­in­forced tire con­struc­tion im­proves punc­ture re­sis­tance and pro­longs tread life giv­ing it full abil­ity to func­tion in mud, snow, sand, and rocky ter­rain. It is avail­able in 20- to 40-inch di­am­e­ter to fit 15- to 18-inch wheels.



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