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Deeply rooted in Croa­tia is their flour­ish­ing wine in­dus­try which has a his­tory dat­ing back to the An­cient Greek set­tlers some 2,500 years ago. With 300 ge­o­graph­i­cally de­fined wine dis­tricts, their two pri­mary wine re­gions are Pri­morska Hr­vatska (“coastal Croa­tia”) and Kon­ti­nen­talna Hr­vatska (“con­ti­nen­tal Croa­tia”) which are di­vided across smaller vino­gorje (lit­er­ally, “wine hills). The in­dige­nous grape va­ri­ety – Tribidrag (also called Crl­je­nak), has re­cently at­tained a mas­sive uptick due to the re­search to iden­tify the roots of Zin­fan­del and its pop­u­lar­ity in the United States.

Run­ning from Is­tria in the north to Dal­ma­tia to the south, Pri­morska Hr­vatska is lucky to have long, hot dry sum­mers and mild, short, wet win­ters which is par­tic­u­larly well suited to wine pro­duc­tion. Where on the north coast the fo­cus is on fruity dry wines and bold dry reds, fur­ther south in Dal­ma­tia the is­lands and hill­sides have a large va­ri­ety of mi­cro­cli­mates and use of in­dige­nous grapes. Cen­tral Croa­tia (Kon­ti­nen­talna Hr­vatska) re­gion ex­pe­ri­ences typ­i­cal con­ti­nen­tal cli­mate with cold win­ters and hot sum­mers lead­ing to con­cen­tra­tion on pro­duc­tion of white wines with the widely planted Grašev­ina, which yields light, crisp, re­fresh­ing, mildly aro­matic wines.

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