McLaren Speed­tail

McLaren Au­to­mo­tive re­cently un­veiled the Speed­tail, the next in the com­pany’s McLaren Ul­ti­mate Se­ries and its first Hy­per-GT. The car fea­tures a beau­ti­ful, aero­dy­namic de­sign and in­cred­i­ble power.

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McLaren Au­to­mo­tive un­veiled its first Hy­per-GT

McLaren will pro­duce just 106 of the ve­hi­cles, and all of them are al­ready re­served at a price of £1.75 mil­lion, or about $2.2 mil­lion, plus taxes. About a third of the buy­ers are in the United States, ac­cord­ing to Car and Driver, where the cars will not be street-le­gal. At its top speed, the Mclaren Speed­tail can hit 250 miles per hour, even more than the record top speed of the McLaren F1. It can go from 0 to 300 kilo­me­ters per her, or 186 mph, in just 12.8 sec­onds.

This speed is made pos­si­ble in part by the car’s aero­dy­namic de­sign. Its teardrop-shaped body and cock­pit and the re­duced num­ber of shut­lines cre­ate an un­in­ter­rupted flow of air from the front of the ve­hi­cle to the back. The car­bon fiber front-wheel static aero cov­ers, ac­tive rear ailerons and re­tractable dig­i­tal rearview cam­era, which take the place of mir­rors, add to the aero­dy­nam­ics.

Un­der­neath the LED head­lights are slim ver­ti­cal ducts that pro­vide cool­ing to the car’s low-tem­per­a­ture ra­di­a­tors. Any air­flow that doesn’t go into the LTR ducts flows over the Speed­tail’s bon­net and into two up­per front clam in­takes. It is then ducted through the body and around the whee­larch be­fore ex­it­ing from the lower door vents. This de­creases the amount of air mov­ing around the side of the ve­hi­cle to min­i­mize tur­bu­lence.

The car is also ex­cep­tion­ally light­weight. It’s built around a McLaren Monocage car­bon fiber struc­ture and has a car­bon fiber body, car­bon ce­ramic brakes and alu­minum ac­tive sus­pen­sion. All in all, it weighs about 3,153 pounds without flu­ids. The Speed­tail is nar­rower than the Mclaren P1 but mea­sures about half a me­ter longer at nearly 17 feet.

The car’s pow­er­train, which is a gas-elec­tric hy­brid, also con­trib­utes, of course. It pro­vides

1,050 PS, which equals about 1,036 horse­power.

To achieve the car’s top speed, you need to en­ter Ve­loc­ity mode, which op­ti­mizes the pow­er­train for high speeds, an­gles the ac­tive rear ailerons and re­tracts the rear-view cam­eras. It also low­ers the Speed­tail by 1.4 inches, bring­ing the car’s high­est point to just 3 feet 8 inches.

McLaren even de­vel­oped a tire de­signed es­pe­cially for the Speed­tail’s high speeds with Pirelli, a McLaren tech­nol­ogy part­ner.

The cock­pit of the Speed­tail pro­vides a unique ex­pe­ri­ence. The driver’s seat is po­si­tioned in the cen­ter of the cock­pit, and there is seat­ing for two in the rear of the ve­hi­cle. The car’s wind­screen curves up­ward to the meet the roof and glazed up­per por­tion of the di­he­dral doors. The glass rear­quar­terlights ex­tend back be­hind the rear seats. The glass cock­pit lets in a large amount of light but also fea­tures elec­trochromic tech­nol­ogy that al­lows the driver to turn parts of the glass opaque. This ca­pa­bil­ity re­places the need for sun vi­sors.

The car has stor­age space in both the tail and nose, and McLaren will pro­vide a lug­gage set to ev­ery owner that matches the in­te­rior of the Speed­tail. The in­te­rior model fea­tures both ani­line leather and a new light­weight semi-ani­line leather.

The look of each Speed­tail will be tai­lored to the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of each owner, and McLaren has said that it is highly un­likely that any two Speed­tails will be ex­actly the same. Buy­ers will be able to choose unique stitch­ing pat­terns, col­ors and dec­o­ra­tive forms to be cre­ated in the leather.

At a re­cent pri­vate pre­view held in Lon­don, fu­ture Speed­tail own­ers saw a de­sign model of the car with a sil­ver, non-me­tal­lic paint and nat­u­ral leather as well as leather fin­ished in black, dark glacier and cool white col­ors.

McLaren will be­gin de­liv­er­ies of the Speed­tail in 2020.

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