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D’Amalfi Limon­cello Supreme

- Henri IV Du­dognon Her­itage Co­gnac - Plat­inum Bot­tle by Tequila Ley - Wa­ten­shi Ja­panese An­gel Gin

- Eye of the Dragon Vodka

- Mendis Co­conut Brandy

- Diva Vodka

- Ma­callan M. Im­pe­ri­ale Whisky

Since the first spirit, which was orig­i­nally dis­tilled in 2nd Cen­tury In­dia, liquor has come a long way. From fla­vored spir­its, unique casks and more, sev­eral high-end man­u­fac­tur­ers have taken on the chal­lenge of pro­duc­ing ul­tra-high-end bot­tles to tai­lor to this thirsty au­di­ence. One thing is for cer­tain though, these ex­tremely ex­pen­sive spir­its should def­i­nitely be served neat or on the rocks, so if you are look­ing for a be­spoke cock­tail look else­where. Here are some of the world’s most ex­pen­sive spir­its.


Con­tain­ing 4-year-old aged Anejo tequila, the Plat­inum Bot­tle by Tequila Ley ($3.5 mil­lion) is the most ex­pen­sive tequila in the world.

The hand-crafted one-liter, two-piece bot­tle is made of 4.5 points of pure plat­inum and 4,100 white di­a­monds. The tequila con­tained in the bot­tle is Ley .925, a pre­mium ex­tra Añejo, made with the best qual­ity of agave, 42 de­grees of al­co­hol vol­ume and that re­mained in bar­rels for 7 years.


With only two bot­tles ever pro­duced, D’Amalfi Limon­cello Supreme ($44 mil­lion) is the king of bling when it comes to spir­its. With three sin­gle cut flaw­less di­a­monds that to­tal up to 13 carats on the neck and a rare 18.5 carat di­a­mond on its body, the daz­zling bot­tle was in­vented by Italy’s An­tica Dis­til­le­ria Russo. made by in­fu­sion in al­co­hol of peels of lemons from the Amalfi Coast, the yel­low in color liquor pro­duces an aro­matic taste.


Aged over 100 years old, the Henri IV Du­dognon Her­itage Co­gnac ($2 mil­lion) is the most ex­pen­sive co­gnac in the world. The bot­tle is made from 24 karat gold and ster­ling plat­inum and adorned with 6,500 di­a­monds, weigh­ing nearly 18 pounds. Pack­aged by jew­eler Jose Dava­los, the co­gnac con­tains an al­co­hol con­tent of 41% and is filled with 100 cl of this beau­ti­fully aged liquor.


Cre­ated by master dis­tiller Will

Lowe to cap­ture the an­gel’s share, the Wa­ten­shi Ja­panese An­gel gin ($2,700) used a spe­cial re­fined tech­nique. The master dis­tiller at Cam­bridge Dis­tillery, was able to cap­ture the top 1% of Ja­panese Gin, yield­ing just 15ml per dis­til­la­tion. This means that one bot­tle of Wa­ten­shi, mean­ing “an­gel’s share” in Ja­panese, re­quires 50 dis­til­la­tions. Dis­tilled with half the pres­sure found on top of Mount Ever­est, the gin fea­tures notes of cit­rus, spice and bit­ter ju­niper.


The world’s first ul­tra-pre­mium co­conut brandy, Mendis Co­conut Brandy ($1 mil­lion) was re­leased by dis­tiller W. M. Mendis & Co. Ltd in 2007. The clear brandy made from co­conuts is 100 per­cent all-nat­u­ral dis­tilled from the co­conut flower and ma­tured for a min­i­mum of two years in Hamilla wood casks. Along with the sweet brandy, the pur­chaser gets a lux­u­ri­ous sev­en­day trip which in­cludes a first­class flight to Mal­dives, a pri­vate he­li­copter ride to the dis­tillery in Sri Lanka and more.


In a 37-pound de­can­ter in which seven­teen crafts­men spent over 50 hours to cre­ate, the Ma­callan M Im­pe­ri­ale Whisky re­cently sold for $628,000 in 2014. Only two out of a stock of four were ever made

avail­able to the pub­lic, it is the largest de­can­ter Lalique has ever made and the

largest the Ma­callan has ever filled.


The one-of-a-kind Eye of the Dragon Vodka ($5.5 mil­lion) bot­tle is en­crusted with 15 thou­sand di­a­monds. Cre­ated by Michel War­ren and Scarselli Di­a­monds New York, the Royal Dragon Vodka bot­tle is made from made of hand-blown glass and fea­tures two kilo­grams of 18 karat gold, an op­u­lent 50 carat yel­low di­a­mond and has a golden dragon emerg­ing from its neck. The bot­tle alone took eight months to de­sign and pro­duce with the to­tal of the 620 carat di­a­monds are val­ued at $4.6 mil­lion dol­lars alone.


Made from pre­mium English Grain Vodka and seven times fil­tered Diva Vodka ($1 mil­lion) is a keep­sake for any pur­chaser. The pure, smooth tast­ing vodka’s bot­tle con­tains a

hand filled wand con­tain­ing a unique col­lec­tion of Swarovski® el­e­ments which can be eas­ily re­moved as a keep­sake of a spe­cial oc­ca­sion. To add a lit­tle more shine and glam­our, each bot­tle comes with a glit­ter­ing bracelet, which can be re­moved

and worn for any Diva mo­ment.

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