25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

The 36-year-old ac­tor, who plays a rap­per on FX’s At­lanta, gets Us into his rhythm

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1. If candy corn is around, I will al­ways eat it.

2. I al­ways carry a pic­ture of my mother in my wal­let.

3. My fa­vorite hol­i­day is Hal­loween. I went as BoJack Horse­man last year.

4. There are three things that I will al­ways lose: sun­glasses, um­brel­las and wa­ter bot­tles. 5. I never use condi­ments, but I try to keep them in my home for when friends visit.

6. I used to draw char­ac­ters with ev­ery­day su­per­pow­ers like 20/20 vi­sion, an adult who still sucks their thumb, back flip­pers or a per­son rid­ing a bike.

7. I some­times sleep with one arm sus­pended in the air.

8. I hate the idea of iron­ing.

9. I’m an un­cle of 12 and a great-un­cle of seven.

10. I eat like a se­nior cit­i­zen. The softer the food the bet­ter. 11. I used to be a DJ.

12. Daniel Kalu­uya and I play brothers in Widows, and I will al­ways con­sider him my brother from now on.

13. I made it through child­hood with­out break­ing any bones, un­til I was 22 and broke my knee while danc­ing to “Step in the Name of Love” [by R. Kelly].

15. I am a se­ri­ous hor­ror movie fan, es­pe­cially the ones from the ’80s. Work­ing in the [up­com­ing] Chucky re­boot was a dream come true.

16. I have an ir­ra­tional pho­bia of whales.

17. I don’t like guns, but I love plas­tic straws. @me!

18. I’ve never been to Dis­ney­land or Dis­ney World. I’d love to go!

19. My fa­vorite TV chan­nel is In­ves­ti­ga­tion Dis­cov­ery. I love A Crime to Re­mem­ber. The reen­act­ments are in­cred­i­ble, and they’re all pe­riod-piece crimes.

20. I cur­rently only have one tat­too. It’s a Bud­dhist tat­too on my right up­per arm. But I’d get eight more if I could.

21. The only way I drink soda is if it’s flat. If it’s not flat, I will shake it un­til it is. There’s noth­ing like flat Diet Coke.

22. I suf­fer from se­lec­tive am­ne­sia when it comes to pol­i­tics.

23. I re­ally don’t un­der­stand why equal pay is such a hard con­cept to make re­al­ity.

24. I own over 40 pairs of sneak­ers, and I need more. My fa­vorites are Bri­tish Knights. (I know, it’s a throw­back.) Also, Tim­ber­land and ASICS are great be­cause my feet are so big and they don’t make them look like clown shoes.

25. If you show me how to get some­where, I’ll never for­get.

The Emmy nom­i­nee stars in Widows (in the­aters Nov. 16).

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