The Favourite


Although this pe­riod piece prac­ti­cally screams “I’m classy Os­car bait,” be­neath its op­u­lent sur­face is one wickedly en­ter­tain­ing romp. In an aus­tere Bri­tish palace in the early

18th cen­tury, a down-on-her-luck lady (Emma Stone) starts work­ing for the batty and bossy Queen Anne (Olivia Col­man). Scrub­bing the floors will not do, so she goes above and beyond to care for the queen and win her over, but she must step over a duchess (Rachel Weisz) — the queen’s most trusted ally and se­cret lover — to do it. Di­rec­tor Yor­gos Lan­thi­mos crafts his film with a sub­lime, sub­ver­sive edge. Guar­an­teed, this is the first pres­tige drama you’ll see in which a fe­male ser­vant worms her way into a queen’s heart via her 17 pet bun­nies. The tri­umphant trio is catty and ma­nip­u­la­tive merely be­cause they can be. They never apol­o­gize for their

sex­u­al­ity, as well they shouldn’t.

Stone and Weisz star along­side Joe Al­wyn and Ni­cholas Hoult.

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