25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

The 37-year-old Destiny’s Child alum makes some con­fes­sions to Us

US Weekly - - INSIDE - BY Kelly Row­land

1. I’m ob­sessed with ele­phants. They bring luck, but they’re also just so ma­jes­tic. There’s a rea­son there’s a say­ing, “the ele­phant in the room.”

2. The first car I had was a red BMW with cream in­te­rior. I wanted it be­cause Kelly Tay­lor from 90210 had one.

3. My fa­vorite place I’ve trav­eled to is Africa. I’ve gone to Jo­han­nes­burg, Kenya and so many parts of Nige­ria.

4. The songs I like to sing in the shower are “Love­fool” by the Cardi­gans or any Lit­tle

Mer­maid song.

5. I don’t like snakes. But some­times they make re­ally cool fashion mo­ments.

6. My first job was babysit­ting. That lasted about a week. I was all right. 7. The nicest thing a fan has sent to me is stroop­wafels while I was in Am­s­ter­dam. It’s one of my fa­vorite things to eat, with ice cream.

8. I used to be a re­ally good burper, but I left that in my 20s. I’m a lady now. 9. My fa­vorite book is

Wait­ing to Ex­hale [by Terry

McMil­lan]. I love all the sto­ries that were told.

10. My dream col­lab­o­ra­tion would be Sade. She’s my mu­si­cal hero. I would to­tally lose my mind.

11. Black Pan­ther is my fa­vorite movie. Wakanda for­ever! 12. My beauty hack is [rub­bing] olive oil on my hair, knees and el­bows.

13. My go-to cock­tail is a whiskey sour.

14. One time, Tay­lor Swift walked past me [at an award show], and I’d had a shot of whiskey, and I said, “Oh my God, you’re tall as f**k!” I didn’t know how she was go­ing to re­act. But she was so cool about it. That was def­i­nitely an odd en­counter.

15. If I were stuck on an is­land, I’d bring mois­tur­iz­ing sun­screen, my bot­tle filled with cold water and al­monds.

16. I love to binge

Chopped. 17. I col­lect an­tique plates. I’m a South­ern woman at heart.

18. I don’t cook as much as I should. I wish I did more.

19. I hate when peo­ple smack [food when they chew].

20. My fa­vorite Destiny’s Child song is “Con­fes­sions” — such a great record. 21. My very first celebrity crush was Ha­keem from [the ’90s group] the Boys.

22. My playlist is [my 4-yearold son] Ti­tan’s playlist. We lis­ten to it on the way to school. He loves Ste­vie

Won­der’s “Do I Do.”

23. I’m ex­cited to work with TJ Maxx and the Maxx You project. It’s re­ally [all about] help­ing women to embrace their own in­di­vid­u­al­ity.

24. I wish I could jump out of a plane. I don’t know if my hus­band [Tim Weather­spoon,

44] will let me.

25. I live by the say­ing “Peo­ple make time for what­ever they want to make time for.”

Row­land is film­ing for her role as Gla­dys Knight in the BET se­ries Amer­i­can Soul (out in 2019).

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