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“She’s in the street now, screaming in her bathrobe, waving an unsheathed katana around, and a car stops in the street and this guy goes, ‘Is everything all right?!’” Recounting how he and wife Sofía Vergara dealt with a rattlesnak­e in their yard JOE MANGANIELL­O

“I feel like in 15 years I’m going to walk in on my son having sex with a meme.” On the rise of social media SETH MEYERS

“Almost drop my phone. How?” Commenting on an uncanny photo of a little look-alike RIHANNA

“Literally every gay person on television was in the video except for me.” Joking about not being included in Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” music video BILLY EICHNER

“It was short... I thought it would be bigger.” On her visit to Stonehenge OCTAVIA SPENCER

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