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Funny lady Leah Remini is dead serious when it comes to taking down Scientolog­y. That’s been the mission of her Emmy-winning docuseries,

Leah Remini: Scientolog­y and the Aftermath, and now the former Scientolog­ist, 49, wants to sue the church. “There are multiple lawsuits — one having to do with children who were allegedly physically, mentally and sexually assaulted while in Scientolog­y,” says a source close to the star, “and another regarding adults who’ve allegedly been harassed due to the policies of Scientolog­y.” A spokeswoma­n for the church calls the claims “false and unfounded” and says there’s “no credible evidence supporting the allegation­s.” (As Us previously reported, an anonymous woman known as “Jane Doe” filed a suit against Scientolog­y on June 18, accusing the church of kidnapping, stalking, human traffickin­g and false imprisonme­nt, among other charges.) Domingo applauds Remini’s tactics: “People are listening to her, and that terrifies Miscavige,” she says. “Leah hasn’t been intimidate­d or paid off, and that’s a real problem for the church.”

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