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Did They Turn Nicole’s Kids Against Her?


The details of Nicole Kidman’s relationsh­ip with Isabella and Connor, whom she adopted with Cruise during their marriage, have always been murky. Domingo claims a higher-up in the church “was put in charge of brainwashi­ng Connor and Isabella” after the divorce because Kidman, 52, had left Scientolog­y: “They had to educate the kids on how to disconnect from her.” Domingo says Isabella, now 26, and Connor, 24 — both currently active in Scientolog­y — weren’t allowed any contact with their mother, who was branded an

SP, or Suppressiv­e Person. “It’s made very clear that SPs are evil,” says Domingo, “and that’s what Tom’s kids were taught.” A spokeswoma­n for the church calls the allegation “totally false,” and adds that “the church does not operate in that way.” For her part, a usually private Kidman told an Australian mag in 2018 that Connor and Isabella “are adults who are able to make their own decisions,” adding, “As a mother, it’s my job to love them.”

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