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Kirstie Alley makes no apologies for her loyalty to Scientolog­y — the longtime member credits the religion with saving her from a serious cocaine addiction in the late 1970s. But Domingo says the Cheers star was forced to apologize to church members after indulging in some wine while undergoing an auditing session, a proceeding during which Scientolog­ists answer super-personal questions to deepen self-awareness and move up through ranks called OT (for “Operating Thetan”) Levels. Alley reached OT-7 in 2015 — OT-8 is the highest. “She missed a couple of days of auditing because she’d had wine,” claims Domingo, adding that the actress, 68, was summoned to Scientolog­y’s headquarte­rs in Clearwater, Fla., “to do a huge ethics program and ask for everybody’s forgivenes­s.” A rep denies the claim, and Alley herself says, “If drinking was an offense, I would have been excommunic­ated long ago,” adding that Domingo’s claims are “absurd.”

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