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Cute but Cunning


Anna Faris admits that her son, Jack, has her wrapped around his little finger. Because the 6-yearold (Dad is Anna’s ex-husband Chris

Pratt) has “the sweetest” voice, the Mom star, 42, lets him watch “whatever movie he wants,” she tells Us. The actress, who’s partnered with Klondike, is fully aware that he “totally knows how to manipulate” her, especially when it comes to sweets. So what does Jack have to do for a Klondike bar? Not much, we reckon! Anna shares more candid confession­s with Us.

Q: How do you balance motherhood with your career? You recognize you’re not perfect. You’re going to mess up some lines or not feed your kid organic food. Q: Do you experience mom guilt?

Every second of every day, and then you kind of get numb to it. You get so used to the overwhelmi­ng sense of guilt that you’re just like, how do you take on any more?

Q: What’s new for Jack? He’s able to wipe his bottom a bit better than he could a year ago. It’s the little things, one tiny accomplish­ment at a time.

Q: Does he watch your movies? [Chris and I] make him watch our films on a daily basis.

 ??  ?? Anna finds parenthood
“amazing, difficult, boring and fascinatin­g.”
Anna finds parenthood “amazing, difficult, boring and fascinatin­g.”

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