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Lunch Box?


Jamie-Lynn Sigler figured out how to get her son Beau, 5, to eat healthy: chickpea pasta. “I make sure that lunch is food he really likes,” says the “Mama Said” podcast cohost, who’s also mom to Jack, 18 months (dad is Jamie-Lynn’s baseball player hubby, Cutter Dykstra). That’s where the nutritious alternativ­e comes in. Says Sigler, 38, “I don’t feel like I’m throwing a bowl of starch at him.” Us dives into Beau’s Pottery Barn Kids

shark lunch bag. Chomp, chomp! BUTTER UP! “[Beau] straight-up likes butter and cheese. He hates tomato sauce. Cutter and I don’t understand why. I could eat a bowl of marinara.” CHEESY ADD-ONS

“I give him organic grated Parmesan or mozzarella cheese on the side so he can put it on himself and feel special — whatever makes him feel that he can whip up his own lunch.” SNACK ATTACK

“I throw in cut-up cucumbers or carrots, and then he always gets a treat. He’ll pick his treat of the day — either a chocolate-chip granola bar by Annie’s or gummies.” GARDEN OF EATINÕ

“We have fruit trees in our backyard — plums and apples. If I gave him one [from the store], he’d probably never eat it. But because it comes from our house, he can be really proud of it. He shows off that he’s eating from his garden.”

Jaime Pressly is cutting the cord. Now that her son, Dezi (with ex Eric

Calvo), is 12 years old, the actress is no longer taking the crust off his sandwiches. “I was like, ‘You’re old enough now that I think you can deal with some crust,’” says Pressly, who also shares twins Leo and Lenon, 21 months, with boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi.

The Mom star, 42, tells

Us what’s cookin’.


“The only thing Dezi will eat at school is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Like, he’d live off them if he could. Every day for years now, I’ve been making them in the particular way he likes: on one piece of bread folded over.”


“I try to get stuff that tastes like junk food but isn’t. I’ll pack him Welch’s fruit snacks, the chocolate-peanut-butter Zbars and grapes.”


“For dessert, he has Dannon Oikos Triple Zero vanilla Greek yogurt, which he loves.”


“My mom makes cookies — but the Pillsbury ones you cut up and roll into balls. Dezi’s like, ‘Only Grandma can make them.’ So Grandma will literally make them and ship them across the country.”

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