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Meet Scott Disick, solo reality star. Kourtney Kardashian’s ex (and dad to their three kids) is ready to show the world who he is outside of the family that made him famous. Flip It Like

Disick (Aug. 4, E!, 9 p.m.) follows him as he flips high-end houses, something he’s done for a long time. It’s a side he’s looking forward to showing the world. Asked about people’s misconcept­ions of him, the humbled star tells Us, “They’re not misconcept­ions.

I wasn’t respectful of people who love me.” The guy formerly known as Lord Disick says that during his first few years on TV, he “was a boy that hadn’t grown up yet. I didn’t know about consequenc­es. I didn’t know how to hold myself accountabl­e. I’ve just put a lot of passion into caring about the people I loved.”

GOOD KARMA And that seems to be rewarding too! The New York native says that girlfriend of two years Sofia Richie, while “not into architectu­re” like her beau, provides the perfect balance: “She’s unbelievab­le. She has a different sense of style than I do. She’s a bit more country, but I’m building houses to sell, not to live in!”

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