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Ian Ziering gives Us a sneak peek at Fox’s BH90210


In a world of reboots and revivals, the biggest show of the ’90s is trying something different. The six-episode series BH90210

(Aug. 7, Fox, 9 p.m.) features the original cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 — including Ian Ziering — but instead of focusing on their characters (like Ziering’s redeemed rich kid, Steve Sanders), the show will be about the actors who play them. (How meta!) Joining Ziering are Tori Spelling, Gabrielle Carteris, Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green and Jennie Garth (Luke Perry, who famously played Dylan McKay, died in March.) Ziering tells Us what to expect from the show within a show.

Q: Help us wrap our heads around this. Tori, who in the series is a mother of six and is broke, inspires everybody to get 90210 back on. Her story is so compelling, it convinces everyone to do it, and there’s a huge outpouring from the fans.

Q: How does Ian the character compare to the real you? I’m a very hard-working, driven individual. He’s an even greater entreprene­ur than I am — he’s much more motivating and inspiring. He doesn’t need this series. He’s got everything he really needs — or so we think. Therein lies the twist — hijinks ensue!

Q: What’s it like being on set together now as adults? We’re a little bit more savvy this time, in a good way. And we’re much more respectful of the opportunit­y. Knowing what the potential is, no one’s going to squander this or take it for granted. We all worked really hard on this in hopes there’s a payoff for the audience and maybe we’ll get more than six episodes.

Q: What would we see in episodes 7 and beyond? When we pitched the series, we thought we’d do 13. Episode 12 would be getting the show back on the air, and 13 would be an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210.

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