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Lizzo spills juicy tidbits about her rise to fame.

It’s been a fruitful year for the empowering singer-rapperactr­ess-flautist who turned her “Juice” into more charttoppi­ng jams!


FYI: Lizzo has been releasing music since 2013, but now

(ahem, finally!) the world has zeroed in on the brilliance of the single-named singer’s star wattage. “This year has been incredible,” she tells Us. “Ever since ‘Juice’ dropped in January, it’s just been juicy as f**k.” Indeed, 2019 has been good to Lizzo, awakening a groundswel­l of devout fans (she calls them “Lizzbians”) who worship her sharp lyrics as much as her empowering attitude. Now the superstar, 31, has snagged an Absolut Juice partnershi­p and is taking her chart-topping album Cuz I Love You on a sold-out North American tour. (She also wowed at the VMAs and has a role in J.Lo’s upcoming Hustlers movie.) The “Truth Hurts” star serves Us some of her deliciousl­y juicy candor.

Q. What has the past year been like for you?

Everything has been producing fruit and I’m just so honored. I’m really living in the moment and celebratin­g one toast at a time. Now that I’ve got this Absolut Juice deal, I’ve been toasting with Absolut Juice spritzes every f**king night!

Q. Was there a moment where you were like, Wow, I’ve made it?

I’m not just saying this, but this Absolut deal was a big moment for me. I felt like f**king Britney Spears. I was like, I’m getting a liquor deal?! I couldn’t even believe it. We shot a video, a commercial, photos... I feel like that b**ch in

A Star Is Born!

Q. Now that you’re so famous, do you ever think, It took you guys long enough!?

Listen, I don’t think anyone should ever expect fame. I’ve never expected fame. I don’t think that’s something people should live their lives trying to get, because it doesn’t really happen to too many people, and the fact that it’s happening right now is still kind of

surreal to me.

Q. You post gorgeous almostnude pictures [on Instagram]. Have you always been this confident and outspoken about body positivity?

It definitely comes with time. I wasn’t really given the opportunit­ies or the privileges to feel like a sex symbol when I was growing up. I was a fat black girl in Houston and I didn’t see myself in magazines.

Q. When did that change?

I was like, You know what b**ch? I want to be a sex symbol! I said that to myself when I was, like, 22, 23. And I really started to embrace the sexiness about me, not just the cuteness or the beauty. I started to work on it more and more, and I realized the vulnerabil­ity that I show when I’m naked is my greatest strength.

Q. Do you have advice for other young people who are struggling to achieve full-body confidence?

It’s hard, because self-love and self-confidence is a personal journey. You’re never gonna believe it until you believe in yourself. But luckily, now we have so many people you can see yourself in. You can go on the Internet or look on TV and see people who were really marginaliz­ed and underrepre­sented in the past. That’s the most important thing. You have to see yourself, find yourself somewhere out there. You’ve got to go on that journey — and I believe in you.

Q. Do rude comments online ever get under your skin, or are you able to laugh off the trolls?

I have the best comebacks for trolls. I can put them in their place! But if I do it, I’m feeding the troll and giving it attention. Back in the day, I used to give trolls all the time, but now that I’ve got 4 million followers, man, [I’m not] gonna give somebody a check and 15 minutes of fame! I love being petty though! [Laughs.]

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