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Jordin Comes Clean


Singer Jordin Sparks is refreshing­ly candid about the not-so-glam parts of motherhood. “For the first six months, I was covered in spit-up,” the mom, 29, to Dana Isaiah Jr., 15 months, tells Us. But the joys of being a parent outweigh the chaos, which for her includes managing her career and raising awareness for sickle cell disease to honor her stepsister, Bryanna Jackson-Frias, who died from the blood disorder last year. Sparks fills Us in on life with hubby Dana Isaiah and little DJ.

Q: You’re so open about the challenges of motherhood. Breast-feeding can be hard for new moms — how’s it been for you? There’s a thing called lightening t**s: When your milk comes in, sometimes it can feel like you’re getting zapped. It doesn’t really hurt, it’s like a shock. You have to feed or pump right away. It’s nuts.

Q: What else have you learned?

There’s a fourth trimester! It happens after you have your baby. Your body changes, and your hormones are absolutely insane.

Q: How did you get through it?

I had some really good friends who are also moms. You have to have your tribe. “We want to raise him to be good,” Sparks explains. “We want to raise him to be kind and sweet and soft when he needs to be; strong when he needs to be, and compassion­ate. We just want to raise a really good man.”

 ??  ?? “I sing to him every single day,” Sparks
tells Us.
“I sing to him every single day,” Sparks tells Us.

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