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The slimming effect of stable blood sugar levels


The link between sugar consumptio­n and increased body fat has long been known. Too much sugar in the diet promotes more insulin, the fat storing hormone, and thus more body fat. Mulberry leaf extract has been used for a while to promote healthy blood sugar levels, but can it also promote weight loss?

Recently, an Italian study of a sugar-blocking supplement showed significan­t weight loss results.1 The supplement, called Zuccarin, produced on average 20 pounds of weight loss, in the 90 day study.

The subjects lost 10% of their body weight, inches off their waistline and three times the weight of the control group, who was also on a 1300 calorie controlled diet, but not taking the Zuccarin supplement. In addition, the subjects also experience­d healthier blood sugar levels after using Zuccarin.

Zuccarin™ from New Nordic is the no.1 selling mulberry leaf supplement in the world.

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