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The journalist (not the actress!) broadcasts her facts to Us

- Natalie Morales BY

1. The movie that always gets me to stop is Sweet Home Alabama.

2. I can quote the nonsensica­l poem Jabberwock­y by Lewis

Carroll from beginning to end. 3. I got into Princeton University [but] couldn’t afford it and got a scholarshi­p offer from Rutgers University where I attended.

4. I took a year of Russian in college and can still make out the letters, but that’s about it!

5. My favorite thing to do at night is watch a movie with my kids and dogs (and my husband). My kids no longer cuddle, but my dogs do.

6. I am petrified of snakes after a close encounter with one in Panama as a young girl.

7. I will never scuba dive. I am too claustroph­obic.

8. I was born in Taiwan and was an Air Force brat. I moved about seven times as a kid before college.

9. My first concert was Spandau Ballet in Madrid. “True” is still one of my favorite songs.

10. Growing up, I [wanted to be] a veterinari­an.

11. My dream was to have a horse. And now I do! His name is Houdini and I’m finally riding and learning to jump.

12. If I could play any instrument I would play the cello. I love Yo-Yo Ma.

13. There is nothing I love more to eat than Patsy’s Pizzeria in NYC.

14. My first time on TV was in a commercial in Spain.

15. My most embarrassi­ng, while also humorous moment, on Today was when I got a lesson on how to sing from

Liza Minnelli. I was a disaster and she literally said, “Natalie, please stop!”

16. I love to sing out loud — [even] though I sing off-key and always mess up the lyrics.

17. I often get mixed up with actress Natalie Morales. She has also had people mistake her for me.

18. As a young girl, Olivia Newton-John was my idol. I would dress up and roller skate around like [her character] in Xanadu. I never dreamed she would now be a wonderful friend.

19. My first job out of college was in finance working in a management training program with then Chemical Bank (now JPMorgan Chase).

20. I would rather have wine than dessert.

21. I am addicted to organizing my closet.

22. Reading is my favorite escape.

23. I have a recurring nightmare that my mouth is filled with glue or that my teeth are falling out!

24. My favorite smell is the smell of my dogs.

25. By now you know animals are my passion. My dream one day [is] to have a ranch that would be a sanctuary for rescues.

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 ??  ?? Catch Morales as a correspond­ent on NBC’s Dateline and as the West Coast anchor
of Today.
Catch Morales as a correspond­ent on NBC’s Dateline and as the West Coast anchor of Today.

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