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How the stars get ready for their big night…


Lainiere fashion masks are hand made by artisans in Italy with a skin-soft interior of pure silk, a middle layer of antimicrob­ial Lainiere Performanc­e Silver material to protect the mask from odor and stains, and an exterior of fine Italian luxury fabrics.


Bold yet understate­d and ready to go wherever your heart desires.


A little sparkle goes a long way! Brighten up any occasion with our Teal Dianthus sequin face protector that is sure to turn heads.

Powerplate DualSphere

The best portable vibrating roller massager to help you relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles! Use the Power Plate DualSphere to release fascia, recover faster, stretch and promote blood flow to help you prepare faster for your workout and recover quicker! The perfect addition to any stretching session or fitness recovery routine.

Immunity + Energy

Immunity + Energy Vitamin Drink Mixes have the benefits of Vitamin C, Elderberry, Zinc, and other vitamins and minerals to help support the immune system, plus with the added benefit of 80 mg of Green Tea to boost energy.

PI Beauty Support Collagen

This Beauty Support Formula with collagen and vitamins is a complete and robust blend of all the effective ingredient­s to support healthy hair, nails, and joints. Plus it has Types I and III collagen! Collagen is one of the most important nutrients needed for the health and vitality of your skin.

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