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Everything Everywhere All at Once

- MARA REINSTEIN By Leanne Aciz Stanton

Imagine every non sequitur thought, coarse joke and cinematic image stored in your brain is splayed out in an audacious 142-minute movie. If that sounds appealing, press play — otherwise, spare yourself the sensory assault. The “everything” is what Chinese immigrant Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) feels whenever she wakes up: Her husband wants a divorce; her teen is in rebellion mode; her elderly dad’s moved in; and the family laundry business is in trouble. During a visit to the auditor (Jamie Lee Curtis), Evelyn’s imaginatio­n runs wild and the film enters a chaotic different dimension — think everything from martial-arts choreograp­hy to a subtitled conversati­on between rocks on a barren planet. Somewhere in here is a wise bitterswee­t dramedy about perseveran­ce and parental love. If only the film had deviated from the title just a little!

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