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Life has been wild for Lauren and Mike Sorrentino since welcoming son Romeo last May, but the Jersey Shore Family Vacation stars wouldn’t have it any other way. “When you’re in love with your spouse, and then you have a baby that you’ve made out of love, you’re never in a bad mood. You’re loving every moment of every day,” Lauren, 37, tells Us. “There’s chaos — like the other night I was going to film, and Romeo pooped through his whole outfit! But it’s funny. It’s just so much fun to have a baby. I love it.” So much so that she and Mike are already planning to expand their brood. “I think we’re ready for number two. We keep talking about it and we’re going to start trying,” says Lauren, revealing that they hope to have a big family. “I feel like we’ve always said three,” she shares. “We love the number three, and it’s just, like, good vibes. But we’ll see whatever God blesses us with.” While she admits that parenthood has its challenges, Lauren feels well prepared for the next time around. “Being a firsttime mom and everything being new, you have no experience to fall back on,” she explains. “It’s one of those things you got to figure out for yourself.”

 ?? ?? Lauren gushes that she loves
“everything” about
Lauren gushes that she loves “everything” about motherhood.

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