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The actress goes off script by sharing some fun facts with Us

- BY JoAnna Garcia Swisher

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I love cooking, and I appreciate that my family eats whatever I put on the table. I [make] arroz con pollo — a chicken and yellow rice dish — that I’m still perfecting from my mother, but it’s really good.

2. My first job was acting in a Busch Gardens commercial.

3. I embarrasse­d myself brutally during two starstruck moments. One is when I met Donnie Wahlberg for the first time. I kissed his poster every night back in the day, and he was a good sport about it. Then I met Rob Lowe in an elevator and I just spiraled. I didn’t stop talking. It was rough, but he was also very sweet to me.

4. My mom told me I should wash my face every single day, and that was a good beauty hack I learned from a very early age.

5. I have so many favorite movies, but lately, I’ve been watching This Is 40 on repeat. [The cast] just cracks me up.

6. I’m a really good tennis player.


I collect salt and pepper shakers.

8. I’m still working on feeling like I’ve “made it,” but it feels like a celebrator­y time because Sweet Magnolias is a show that’s like a warm hug. Having that series happening at this moment is a bright spot.

9. I cuss more than people would imagine. I don’t know that I would come across as the girl that would do that, but I do.

10. My go-to cocktail is a ranch water or anything tequila soda.

11. I love Pilates and have a reformer. It’s my favorite workout.

12. I wear denim in 100-degree weather in the middle of summer. I’m a loyalist.


My favorite animals are otters.

14. My husband, [Nick Swisher], [gives me] a lot of sentimenta­l pieces of jewelry that have meaning behind them. Those are the best gifts I’ve received.

15. I love a pre-prep when hosting a party! Plan ahead. Make things simple.

16. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston is my favorite song.

17. At the hint of any symptom from anyone in my family, we whip out Abbott’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 Self Tests to see what we’re working with.


My family is really into relaxing, [so] we’ve been hitting up the Bahamas because it’s close to us in Florida. I also love a good sightseein­g trip.

19. The first concert I attended was a Milli Vanilli and En Vogue combo. It was fire.

20. My mom always told me to wear matching underwear and bra and make it look good in case I got into a car accident and had to go to the hospital. I [always] think about that before I leave the house.


When I’m filming in Europe, I miss the ice. I love a lot of ice!

22. I can’t leave the house without my driver’s license and a little bit of cash.

23. I loved working in New Orleans for The Astronaut

Wives Club. It was an amazing experience.

24. My favorite color is yellow.

25. Hosting The Ultimatum: Queer Love was really emotional. It’s a very intense experience, so I feel honored to be a part of the journey.

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