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The actress and American Heart Associatio­n ambassador shares personal facts with Us!

- BY Susan Lucci


My go-to alcoholic drink is champagne! The drier, the better.

2. My proudest career moment was making my Broadway debut in the revival of Irving Berlin’s Annie Get Your Gun.

3. I am double-jointed.

4. I love anything [by] Andrea Bocelli, Charles Aznavour, Lionel Richie, the [Rolling] Stones and Aretha Franklin.


My favorite movies are Love Actually, Casablanca, An American in Paris and A Man and a Woman.

6. My mother used to watch The Bachelor and I made fun of her. Now, years later, I’m totally addicted to The Bachelor — including The Golden Bachelor!

7. Red became my signature color when I played Erica Kane [on All My Children].


The beauty products I swear by are La Mer moisturize­r and SkinMedica serums.

9. My first job was [as] a volunteer candy striper in a Long Island hospital. My first paying job was [as] a waitress at the Garden City Hotel during my freshman year of college.

10. As a toddler, I’d drink ginger ale in a champagne glass.

11. I can’t leave the house without my ID, money, American Express card, lipstick, lip pencil and phone.

12. I did karaoke once with my All My Children castmates. We chose “It’s Raining Men” and realized, as we were up there, that we only knew the chorus.

13. My go-to workout is Pilates. I do it six to seven days a week.

14. My favorite thing to cook is my dad’s recipe for spaghetti sauce and meatballs. It’s a very old, classic Italian family recipe.

15. I’ve started loving romantic novels like A Woman of Substance. I couldn’t put it down.

16. I met Sheryl Crow when she performed at the American Heart Associatio­n Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert, and she gave me a shout-out. I was thrilled.

17. English was one of my best subjects. I had an older brother and learned to read [by] leaning over his shoulder.


I love china and setting a pretty table. I’ll even transfer takeout onto pretty china.

19. My celebrity crush growing up was Sophia Loren.

20. During my first Madonna concert, security surrounded me while we were waiting for it to start. They held the show so they could clear the fans around me waiting for autographs.

21. One wellness practice I live by is having hot water and lemon frequently. It balances your pH and is hydrating!

22. If I weren’t an actress, I’d be a pediatrici­an, research scientist or restaurant critic.

23. My [late] husband

[Helmut Huber] and I were addicted to Yellowston­e. I also loved Succession.

24. I was most starstruck when I saw Elizabeth Taylor at the Waldorf. Growing up, I always wanted to be an actress and looked up to her.


The most famous people in my phone book are Carol Burnett and Andy Cohen.

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