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The Outer Banks star shares some fun personal facts for Us

- BY Chase Stokes

1.My go-to cocktail is a dirty martini, extra dirty, or a good glass of red [wine].

2. My first car was a

1988 Honda Accord. It was a hunk of sh*t that was full of love.

3. I recently got “Dear me” tattooed on my hand as a reminder that whenever I’m being mean to myself to simmer down. Nobody should be sh*tty to themselves.

4. My alternate profession would be unemployed.


The food I could eat every day is wings. All of them.

6. I’ve been making steak a lot recently. I have a secret marinade that I do, and occasional­ly a homemade chimichurr­i.

7. My most starstruck moment was when Robert De Niro stepped on my broken foot a few years ago. I peaked.

8. My favorite book right now is Love Is a Dog from Hell by Charles Bukowski.

9. “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor brings back the best memories.


I can juggle — kind of.

11. To decompress, I drink a ton of water, try to get a good sweat in, call my loved ones and, yes, [go on] TikTok.

12. My favorite shoes are HEY DUDE’s Wally Mids.

13. I love filming in South Carolina [because] Charleston is such a peaceful city. Southern hospitalit­y makes the world go ’round.

14. On Sunday afternoons,

I’m either around the house getting ready for the week ahead or with the dogs in my neighborho­od.

15. The best advice I’ve received is you have to be selfish in order to be selfless. You have to help yourself and be at peace in your own heart before giving help and advice to others.

16. I enjoy getting dressed up for red carpets. Spending so much of my career covered in dirt, blood and sweat, it’s nice to change it up.

17. I have a pretty lovely battle with imposter syndrome that keeps me on my toes.

18. I can’t leave the house without my wallet, keys and ChapStick.

19. When I’m not filming, I love sitting at home. It’s nice to sit, cook, drink a good bottle of wine and be a homebody.

20. My best subject in school was history.


On Saturday nights, I’m at one of Charleston’s many restaurant­s. I love a good weekend dinner. Then I’m in bed before 10:45 P.M.

22. [Girlfriend] Kelsea Ballerini and I try to coexist with our looks, but we never intentiona­lly match. We had one red carpet look that seemed like we coordinate­d [at the 2023 MTV VMAs], but it was entirely unplanned.

23. My favorite part about filming Outer Banks is the opportunit­y as an actor to get in and make it my own. Living and breathing these characters for five years, they’ve become an extension of ourselves.

24. I collect watches.


One movie I could watch over again and again is Die Hard. It’s a sleeper.

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