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The comedian and Saturday Night Live star doles out some hilarious facts for Us

- BY Bowen Yang

1. I’ve never felt hotter than when I was the leather daddy in the Village People [skit] on Saturday Night Live. Being hot is the most important thing.

2. The most famous person in my phone book is Dolly Parton’s fax machine since she doesn’t have a phone. Not really, but I wish.

3. There was a rumor Cher was maybe coming to SNL and I started sweating. I haven’t stopped.

4. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is my favorite movie.

5. Every character from FernGully: The Last Rainforest was my celebrity crush going up.

6. I nailed our unit on East of Eden in 12th-grade English, but otherwise, I sucked at [school].

7. Nothing excites me more than a drawer of fresh, clean underwear.

8. My dream is to have Blake Lively direct me in something.

9. Anything from the A Walk to Remember soundtrack brings back the best memories.

10. “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake is my go-to karaoke song because it blows out my vocal cords and I don’t have to sing another song.

11. Helping Sandra Bullock remember one of her lines in The Lost City was one of my proudest career moments. It was actually annoying of me in hindsight, so I don’t encourage others to do this.

12. Kaia Gerber is the famous face I’m usually mistaken for.

13. My biggest splurge has been therapy.

14. Therapy is also the one beauty product I swear by.

15. For a while now, I’ve been sample-menu-ing [TV shows] rather than binge-ing anything. I [also] don’t believe in guilty pleasures or TV shows.

16. Gay emotional labor for female teachers was my first job.

17. I know exactly how long it takes to heat something in the microwave. I could win a beauty pageant with this [secret talent], I think?

18. My alternate profession would be a microwave chef.

19. My bed next to the PS5 is my favorite place to vacation. I promise I’m not depressed.

20. I would order fuzzy navels while I was in the closet, which is pretty incredible and a huge tell. Maybe I’ll go back to those.

21. I think we should embrace tradition and go back to emoticons [instead of using emojis]. Very analog.

22. The actress I looked up to growing up was Pat Carroll.

23. I can’t leave the house without my phone, keys and an unshakable sense of self, which I have never found.

24. My favorite comfort meal is chicken potpie and a Diet Coke. It’s shocking how many restaurant­s don’t have either.

25. One thing I’ve learned from Lorne Michaels is how to very discreetly bring up the fact that I’m Canadian to strangers.

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Season 2 of the Hot White Heist podcast is available now on Audible.
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