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America hangs by a thread


Tim Miller,

The Daily Beast: “Decades of presidenti­al idolatry and debasement of political discourse will not reverse overnight. But a front row seat for Presidenti­al Apprentice should at minimum ensure reflection as to how we can begin to restore a political system. ... If we return to the American ideal of a president of the people, a common man, constraine­d by laws and courts and legislatur­es, we can preserve our republic ( and) safeguard it against ... autocratic threats.”

Brian Klass,

author of The Despot’s Accomplice, on Twitter: “American democracy is like the frog slowly being boiled. It’s shocking how much the line of acceptabil­ity has shifted in 18 months. ... That we are debating whether Donald Jr.’ s meeting was acceptable is the most horrifying example.” The Editorial Board, The Wall Street Journal: “The problem is that President Trump has too often made the implausibl­e plausible by underminin­g his own credibilit­y on Russia. He stocked his Cabinet with Russia hawks but dallied with characters like the legendary Beltway bandit Mr. ( Paul) Manafort. His Syrian bombing and energy policy are tough on Russia, but Mr. Trump thinks that if he says Russia interfered in 2016 he will play into the Democratic narrative that his victory is illegitima­te. ... The John Podesta and Democratic National Committee hacks ... did less damage to U. S. democracy than it has done to the Trump Presidency.”

Charles M. Blow,

The New York Times: “What befalls a country riven by a dynasty of deception and disrepute? What comes of a country being forced by its puerile ‘ president’ to retreat from its world leadership, set to a soundtrack of world mockery? What to make of an enterprise of corruption that Trump calls a family when they abandon any semblance of propriety and all things we once found appropriat­e? The America that I know and love is hanging by a thread, and Trump’s scandalous camarilla is playing with the shears.”

Jay Caruso,

RedState: “Trump defenders have engaged in mental gymnastics that not even Ripley would believe. Convinced the meeting was nothing but a setup by Democrats, their delusion grows deeper day by day to the point where Alex Jones is giggling at the absurdity of it all.”

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