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Stop at a QuikTrip. According to the GasBuddy survey, the top- rated rest stop bathrooms belong to Tulsa- based QuikTrip, which secured the top spot in nine states, the most out of any other brands. Chevron came in second, leading in five states on the West Coast, followed by Sheetz and Wawa, each ranking highest in four states. Drive Nebraska’s roads. They’re the best- maintained in the country, according to a recent McKinsey/ U. S. News study, and presumably the state with the least pothole- littered roads. It’s followed by Tennessee, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Wyoming. Choose the right network. In its latest State of Mobile Networks report, crowdsourc­ed app OpenSignal gave T- Mobile the top spot in four out of the six network metrics for which it tested, including all three speed categories. So if you want to stay connected longer, consider making a switch.

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