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GOP needs more Cheneys and Romneys


Whenever people are faced with a difficult situation, the instinct too often is to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Our nation has undergone a series of tests of human strength, perhaps the most trying of which has been former President Donald Trump.

His sycophants in Congress denied the real damage he was doing to this country. Those individual­s continue to give him too much power.

Now we are faced with the second Trump impeachmen­t trial. Already, the Trumpsters in Congress are touting their oaths to a man who is nothing less than a cult leader.

Wake up, Republican­s! Do you wish for the schism in your party to render it irrelevant? Where are your values, honesty and accountabi­lity?

Those who remain faithful to Trump’s lies have gone past denial to something far more dangerous — defiance. The GOP could use a few more Liz Cheneys and Mitt Romneys. Karen Lakeman

Albuquerqu­e, N. M.

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