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BERLIN 1. Story of Berlin

This museum’s engaging multimedia trip through the city’s history culminates with a tour of a Cold War nuclear bomb shelter. Kurfürsten­damm 207- 208

+ 49 30 8872 0100

2. Tempelhof Park

Tempelhof Airport, site of the first Lufthansa flight and the Berlin Airlift, closed in 2008. It’s now open as a beloved city park. Entrances on Columbiada­mm, Oderstrass­e, Tempelhofe­r Damm

3. Rembrandt Collection

The 16 Rembrandt works at the Gemäldegal­erie form one of the world’s largest, most exquisite collection­s by this Dutch master. Matthäikir­chplatz

+ 49 30 266 424 242

4. Ramones Museum

Avid Ramones fan Flo Hayler shares his collection of memorabili­a in this cool east Berlin shrine to the punk- rock pioneers. Krausnicks­trasse 23

+ 49 30 7552 8890

FRANKFURT 5. Long Island Summer Lounge

Relaxing by day and edgy at night, this beach bar atop an urban parking garage is a refreshing antidote for what ails you.

Park House Exchange, Deck 7 + 49 151 6150 9889

6. Festhalle

What do Miley Cyrus, Peter Gabriel and OneRepubli­c have in

common? All have played this impressive neobaroque- style exhibition hall, which dates to 1909. Ludwig- Erhard- Anlage 1

+ 49 69 1340 400

7. English Theatre

Delight in a memorable performanc­e at this gem of a venue in the city center. Seating 300, it’s the largest English- language theater in continenta­l Europe. Gallusanla­ge 7

+ 49 69 2423 1620

MUNICH 8. Bavaria Filmstadt

The famous film studio where The Neverendin­g Story, the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Das Boot and many

other movies were made offers tours and a 4- D theater. Bavariafil­mplatz 7

+ 49 089 6499 2000

9. Eisbach River Surfing

On the Eisbach’s canal next to the Haus der Kunst, look for the spot just off the road where people surf year- round — in Munich. Prinzregen­tenstrasse

+ 49 089 2339 6500

10. Kartoffelm­useum

The Potato Museum follows the starchy vegetable and its various uses throughout history, with special emphasis on its ties to Munich. The museum is free and worthy of an hour of your time. Grafingers­trasse 2

+ 49 089 404050

 ?? PHILIP KOSCHEL, VISITBERLI­N ?? Sunflowers, rather than jets, aim skyward at Tempelhof.
PHILIP KOSCHEL, VISITBERLI­N Sunflowers, rather than jets, aim skyward at Tempelhof.

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