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‘ Succession’: Tears, shock, a last backstab

- Bryan Alexander

The end of “Succession” is coming. A “deeply conflicted” series creator Jesse Armstrong broke the news in February that the acclaimed HBO series will end with Season 4, which kicks off Sunday ( 9 EDT/ PDT).

Brian Cox, the show’s dastardly daddy and media conglomera­te CEO Logan Roy, applauds Armstrong’s power move to cap the series, which has won 13 Emmy Awards, including two best drama wins.

“So much television goes well past its sell- by date,” Cox says. “I admire his courage bringing this to an end. This show will be remembered for its finite element. Each season has capped the past season, and we’ve done it again.”

But who will end up on top in the cutthroat world of backstabbi­ng billionair­es? Let’s explore.

Why is everyone shocked and crying about ‘ Succession’?

The end of “Succession” was part of the rumor mill, even for cast members.

“There was flip- flopping and rumors swirling about whether this was it,” says Sarah Snook, who plays Logan’s steely daughter Shiv Roy. “It wasn’t until the table read for the final episode that we got a definitive answer.”

“Definitely, there were tears. I was sad realizing this is the end, And we were told, ‘ This is definitely the end,’ ” says Snook, who revealed she was pregnant with her first child at the final “Succession” New York premiere. “But I’m about to have a baby, I’ve got other things to go onto. I’m fine.”

Nicholas Braun, who plays frequently bumbling cousin Greg, says he burst into tears on his last day of filming with his onscreen BFF Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom Wambsgans.

“It made me very emotional; I just really care about that guy,” says Braun. “We’ve spent so many days together, had so many laughs. And I know I’m never going to do scenes with him again.”

What happened in the ‘ Succession’ Season 3 finale?

The Roy siblings – Kendall ( Jeremy Strong), Roman ( Kieran Culkin) and Shiv – put aside their dysfunctio­n and bitter sibling rivalry to rally against their father in the Season 3 finale,

The trio bonded over their mutually self- serving plan to stop Logan’s planned sale of old- school Waystar Royco to the streaming media company, Gojo, headed by ruthless CEO Lukas Matsson ( Alexander Skarsgård). But the siblings were outflanked by Logan after a key heads- up by Shiv’s husband Tom ( Macfadyen), in a stunning betrayal revealed in the finale’s closing moments.

Will the united Roy siblings succeed in ‘ Succession’ revenge?

In season 4, the bickering trio comes together again to mount another patricidal corporate attack, despite their mutual suspicion about each other.

“It’s exciting; we haven’t seen the siblings united like this before. The moment is now,” says Snook. “But the main question is, can the Roy siblings work together? It’s a good premise for a season for sure.”

And Logan will fight, and fight dirty, to defeat his grown children’s uprising. But secretly, the CEO wants one of his offspring to prove their mettle by defeating him, as Kendall attempted with a double- cross in the Season 2 finale.

“It was exciting when Kendall renounced me in Season 2,” says Cox. “It was like, ‘ You have to admire that the kid has balls. He’s also stupid.’ It was like, ‘ Go ahead, give us your best shot.’ ”

“There’s still time for one of the children to step up to the plate,” Cox adds. “That’s the tension. I want one of my children to take over the business, but also ( to) grow up. Will that happen? I’m not going to tell you.”

Why has Cox criticized Strong’s method acting?

British actor Cox shared hugs with Strong at the “Succession” premiere. But Cox has been a frequent critic of Strong’s intense method acting for his portrayal of troubled Kendall.

Cox calls the technique “bogus and the misbegotte­n result of American acting training.

“There’s no question about Jeremy’s gift as an actor; he’s brilliant,” he says, after squaring off with Strong in two Emmy races. ( Strong won the best actor Emmy in 2020.)

“He’s got the awards that he’s clearly deserved. My only problem is a philosophi­cal thing about being a member of an ensemble. With an ensemble comes a responsibi­lity. Classicall­y trained actors are trained to keep a sense of distance about who we are from the character. Unfortunat­ely, in America, it’s a different cultural model.”

Why you shouldn’t count out Cousin Greg

Less- than- family member Greg surges early in Season 4, taking on a power position with his sometimes- abusive ally Tom.

“This season, Greg is not Tom’s little bitch, to put it correctly,” Braun says. Shockingly, Greg stands up to Logan in an exchange during Sunday’s premiere.

“It was a good piece of writing, giving Greg permission to say something quite aggressive to Logan. ( Armstrong) was sending a message through that to me,” says Braun. “The message is, Greg has more balls this year, and he’s feeling a bit more entitled.”

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WYOMING Cheyenne: A woman accused of setting fire last year to a Wyoming abortion clinic that was under constructi­on told investigat­ors that she opposes abortion and was experienci­ng anxiety and nightmares over the facility opening, authoritie­s say in court documents.

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 ?? PHOTOS PROVIDED BY HBO ?? Cousin Greg ( Nicholas Braun) stands up to the family and his BFF Tom ( Matthew Macfadyen) in Season 4 of “Succession.”
PHOTOS PROVIDED BY HBO Cousin Greg ( Nicholas Braun) stands up to the family and his BFF Tom ( Matthew Macfadyen) in Season 4 of “Succession.”
 ?? ?? Logan Roy ( Brian Cox) is still in charge and scheming in Season 4.
Logan Roy ( Brian Cox) is still in charge and scheming in Season 4.

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