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USA TODAY readers recalled their favorite Elizabeth Taylor films and memories as they mourned the screen legend’s death. USA TODAY’s Arienne Thompson rounds up reader tributes to the Oscar-winning actress.


Musician Barry Manilow writes of Elizabeth Taylor’s efforts as an early AIDS activist. Our readers also share tributes to the actress,

and many charities

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-Gerard Dacut, 57, Orange County, Calif.: “I was a kid growing up in the ’60s, and the first picture I saw of Liz Taylor was probably in one of those ‘tabloid’ magazines my mom was so fond of. Her beauty was stunning in comparison to the blond bombshells of that era: Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Bridgette Bardot. Beauty will only get you so far in Hollywood, and Elizabeth Taylor’s acting abilities were light-years ahead of her contempora­ries.

“She was a rare mix of beauty and talent, and she will be forever missed by those of us who grew up in her celebrity.”

-Carol A. Piaseczny, 58, Denver: “She was fearless and passionate, two qualities I wish more of us possessed and displayed. She was blatant in her love of Burton and ardent in her support of AIDS. We need more women like her in this country.”

-Charles Londo, 64, Monroe, Mich.: “What captivated me was after I read (a book about Cleopatra in the 1960s) she seemed to fit the visual image that the book portrayed. (Taylor was) obviously very young, attractive and had a desire to be successful, in much the same way that she was in real life.”

-oldgirl: “We’ve lost an icon. She and Richard (Burton) are probably holding hands as I type.”

-luckyduck2­K: “She was a movie star and the epitome of glamour. Today we have Angelina Jolie, who while beautiful, is no glamour queen.”

-grej28: “In this era of 3-D and franchise movies of parts one and 2 and blockbuste­rs, she was the last of that classic golden Hollywood era of movies in the more simpler form. I liked how she was supportive of people suffering from AIDS with her own AIDS foundation. Elizabeth, we will miss you, but your movies will live forever . . . ”

-noteno-ghmoney: “ Cleopatra was an epic performanc­e from an epic actress. She lived as others always wish they could, to the fullest, regardless of public opinion which means nothing, a full and wonderful life. It was my pleasure to be around to see her movies, and I am glad that I ‘grew up’ with her movies.”

-jamesreyes­65: “She’ll forever be remembered as one of the screen’s most talented and loveliest icons that ever lived. ... I remember first seeing her in Father of the Bride on cable TV in the early ’80s and she was so angelic ever since. The filmworld will miss her dearly and we’ll always love her work on film and her AIDS activism.”

-Shaggy: “Truly an icon. Stunningly beautiful and an amazing actress. As a child, I remember watching National Velvet and being in awe at how pretty she was even at 12. RIP, lovely lady.”

-twix: “A lady, an actress, a humanitari­an, a wife, a grandmothe­r, etc. She had a full life with all the ups and downs we all have. I truly think Dame Taylor was the epitome of what a true actress is. Brilliant beyond words. A beautiful human being. ”

-66rock: “Taylor is the last of the great stars. A breathtaki­ngly beautiful face and a great actress. She was gutsy in her private life and her work for AIDS is just as bright in her list of achievemen­ts as any of her films. A true legend has passed.”

-Openyourey­es7: “(She’s) from a time when being controvers­ial and sexy didn’t mean imprisoned or vulgar. The young actresses could take a lesson from her in howto command attention with real talent.”

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 ?? By Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty Images ?? A shrine to a star: A fan adds a photo to the flowers already on Taylor’s star Wednesday at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
By Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty Images A shrine to a star: A fan adds a photo to the flowers already on Taylor’s star Wednesday at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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