Thanks to nannies


USA TODAY’s “Critic’s Corner,” rejoicing about the end of Supernanny, states that the show exploited children’s bad behavior as entertainm­ent. However, the only thing the nanny exposed was bad parents — especially bad mothers (Life, Friday).

I am67 and have raised children of my own. I have never seen so many self-indulgent, lazy, air-headed mothers in their 20s and 30s. Most of the fathers got with the program quickly. I have seen better parenting from teen mothers.

No wonder our world is in the shape it is in, and I fear for those kids. I suspect that as soon as the nanny left, most of them reverted back to their old behavior. We need more — not fewer — nannies to take the place of missing grandmothe­rs of the past whowere firmand caring. Barbara Woolard Bridgevill­e, Del.

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