Swing troubles? There’s a Woods app for that

- By Steve DiMeglio

Looking for help for your golf game? Tiger Woods will lend a hand. The winner of 14 major championsh­ips and 71 PGA Tour titles launched the mobile app Tiger Woods: My Swing on Wednesday.

It is designed to help golfers of all skill levels through video analysis and instructio­n. Working with Shotzoom, a leader in active lifestyle mobile applicatio­ns, Woods, rebuilding his swing for the fourth time since turning pro in 1996, is a virtual golf coach as he provides videos of himself swinging every club in the bag and offers tips on specific areas of improvemen­t.

The app features enhanced video capture, side-by-side swing comparison with Woods, advanced golf swing analysis and exclusive updates from Woods. Available online at the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod touch, the app costs $9.99.

Proceeds will benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation and its mission to provide college access for underserve­d youth.

“I wish I had this when I was making all my swing changes,” Woods said Wednesday after his pro-amround in the Arnold Palmer Invitation­al, which he has won six times. “It’s what Ben Hogan said — if he would have had a video camera, it would have been so much easier. Back then, you had to do most everything by trial and error. Now, because this is mobile, you can instantly see what you just did on the golf course or the range and try and correct your flawif you need to.”

Woods has tens of thousands of his swings stored and at the ready to be checked. With this app, any golfer has the same capability.

Woods worked on the app for six months and was conscious about howhis instructio­n and thoughts came across.

“You don’t want to make it sound so complicate­d that people can’t understand or do it. That’s not fun,” Woods said. “What is fun is making it sound simple, give a couple of thoughts, a couple little phrases, and, boom, the light bulb goes on.

“Most amateur golfers have no idea what they are doing with their golf swing. What I want them to learn is to try and get feel and real to be the same thing. What you are feeling a lot of times is not exactly what you are doing. We’re trying to get that to marry up.”

 ?? Shotzoom ?? $9.99: Proceeds benefit Tiger Woods’ charity.
Shotzoom $9.99: Proceeds benefit Tiger Woods’ charity.

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