Ex-Giant Taylor makes no apologies


Pro football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor explained his side Tuesday, hours after being sentenced to six years’ probation on a sexual misconduct conviction. Taylor admitted he had used prostitute­s before his May arrest for having sex with an underage girl. In an interview with Fox News, he said he thought that the unnamed 16year-old girl he was with was of legal age. “I’m not the cause of prostituti­on,” Taylor said. “And sometimes I make mistakes, and I may go out there, but I didn’t pick her up at no playground. She wasn’t hiding behind the school bus or getting off a school bus. This is a working girl that came to my room. And I don’t know what her age was. I asked her age. She told me she was 19. It is what it is.” Asked if he knew it could be a young girl coming to his room, Taylor said, “You can only ask. I don’t ask for a birth certificat­e.” — Sean Leahy

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