Clear-cast is a razor-thin indoor antenna packed with the technology that lets everyone get free TV channels. It was invented by renowned NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame scientist, Dr. Argy Petros, who holds 22 U.S. Gov’t patents. Clear-cast was ingeniousl­y engineered to utilize printed circuit technology that pulls in low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency signals. The micro diagonal arms pull in VHF low frequency, the horizontal bars at the base of the Clear-cast pull in the UHF high frequency signals and the bowtie configurat­ion pulls in UHF medium frequency. All this gives Clear-cast the advanced omnidirect­ional design that links up directly to receive local and national shows being broadcast. This allows anyone who gets Clear-cast to bypass the cable and satellite middleman to pull in up to 953 free over-the-air TV shows with crystal clear digital picture; then you can eliminate all the cable and satellite only channels and never pay a bill again.

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