About Ann Romney


-Age: Turns 63 Monday

-Position: Wife of GOP presidenti­al candidate Mitt Romney and his chief campaign surrogate

-Who she is: Raised in Michigan, she married high school sweetheart Mitt Romney at age 19 and raised five sons. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a neurologic­al disorder, in 1998. She rides horses as part of her effort to stay healthy and is a prize-winning dressage competitor. She has done volunteer work for groups focused on helping youth. As a political wife, she kept a low profile as first lady of Massachuse­tts, but she has been a major campaigner in her husband’s two races for the GOP presidenti­al nomination.

-What she says about wom

en: “My career choice was to be a mother. We have to respect women and all those choices that they make. Other women make other choices, to have a career and raise family, which I think Hilary Rosen has actually done herself. I respect that, that’s wonderful. . . . This is obviously an awesome responsibi­lity to raise children. It’s, to me, the most important thing we can do.” — Interview on Fox News Channel, Thursday.

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