“Love yourself the way you want to be loved.”

- Romany Malco

Words of wisdom: “A lot of times, we are looking for love from others we haven’t really afforded ourselves,” says Malco, 43. “I met a woman one time, and she said she wanted to be treated like a princess. I went to her house, and it was a pigsty. I was like, ‘This is how princesses live?’ It’s a lot of responsibi­lity to get with someone who’s looking to you to fill a void they can’t fulfill themselves.” Should his character heed

them? Well, as the “player” of the group, Zeke is out to get as much love as possible, if we stick to that theme. His world is rocked, however, when he meets Mya (Meagan Good), who enforces the 90-day rule before he can get some of her — as she and Harvey put it — “cookie.”

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