Marciano Jr. underwhelm­ed by Mayweather’s 49-0 run

- Josh Peter

Rocky Marciano Jr. said he probably would have felt differentl­y if his late father’s 60year-old record had been matched by a heavyweigh­t fighter like his dad rather than a welterweig­ht such as Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“I suppose I would be more impressed,” Marciano told USA TODAY Sports by text message. “I think my father’s record is a difficult record to achieve in the heavyweigh­t class. In boxing history, we’ve seen (fighters in) lighter weight classes go deep before losses. The weight matters.”

Marciano said he watched the fight at a bar near his home in Florida because he loved the energy of a crowd of fight fans. He noted Mayweather’s camp downplayed his tying the 49-0 record, set Sept. 22, 1955, when Marciano knocked out Archie Moore in the last fight of his career.

“I think it’s about keeping the focus on (Mayweather),” Marciano said.

He also said he was skeptical the fight against Andre Berto was Mayweather’s last, though immediatel­y after it ended Mayweather reiterated he was retiring.

“Waiting to see if Mayweather sticks to his word or goes for 50 before retiring,” Marciano said. “It’s difficult to believe this is his last fight.”

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