Islamic State must not be allowed to flourish


I don’t know what the solution is, but unless many other countries also get serious about taking on the Islamic State, the problem won’t be solved. The USA can’t handle this alone, and it does seem our current efforts are not accomplish­ing much.

Bob Johnstone

It is very sobering that, after thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars spent, we are seeing our efforts crumble to dust. Not only are trainers, spotters and more air power needed, but also the full spectrum of U.S. and allied special operations, at a very minimum.

Defeat the Islamic State and leave. This movement must be destroyed, root and branch. Let’s start with their fighters and the territory they control. We can go a long way toward quashing the message by imposing very long prison sentences for supporters, facilitato­rs and instigator­s back home or wherever.

Ian Wilkie

Our military adventures in Iraq, our idiotic setup of a Shiitecont­rolled government there, and support for the destabiliz­ation of the Syrian government are the key reasons for the existence of ISIL.

Mickey Cashen The 14th anniversar­y of the Sept. 11 attacks prompted a discussion among readers about today’s fight against the Islamic State.

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