Carry out death penalty only in foolproof system

The number of people executed in the U.S. fell to 35 last year. Executions peaked in 1999, when 98 inmates were put to death.


It’s so sad people are feeling that it is wrong to serve a just punishment for murder. It is just if someone takes a life that he should lose his own. I mean, how simple does it have to be?

Thomas Debaillon

The death penalty should be considered only in the most extreme circumstan­ces, with irrefutabl­e hard evidence and heinous crimes. We cannot risk executing an innocent person. If we focused on only these extreme cases, I imagine speed and costs would both improve.

Michael Ulrich

There is no perfect system, and no matter what, some innocent people can be executed. Until the day you have a perfect system, I will always be against the death penalty.

There are many countries that do not have capital punishment. I don’t want to be in the company of countries such as Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria or Egypt that still have capital punishment.

Arnold Indictor

Life without the possibilit­y of parole is a death sentence.

George Kubach

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