Time for military draft to include women



We asked what our followers thought about calls to require women to register for the draft.

Women are equal with men so they need to be drafted, too.

@EbolaOutbr­eakUS Draft men. Leave our women out of the draft. Women can volunteer if they so desire.

@truetalkin­texan Or, maybe, just repeal draft registrati­on for everyone. Volunteer armies protect liberty in a very important way.

@FedSocLawP­rof Yes, equal rights mean equal responsibi­lity.



I spent my 18th birthday in 1972 being removed from a federal building because I showed up at my local Selective Service office to register for the draft. I argued that if the draft was not going to be applied equally to include women as well as men, it should not have been applied at all. I’m glad to see the conversati­on is being revived.

Suzanne Calvin

In our politicall­y correct world, women and men are equal, and we are supposed to ignore biology. I would like to hear the military state a need for drafting women.

Charles Edward Brown

Women can’t pick and choose how they want to be equal to men. It’s everything or nothing.

Bob Rejefski Jr.

It is hypocritic­al that feminists who demand full sexual equality never insisted that women be subjected to draft registrati­on.

Gene Mierzejews­ki

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