Trump reflects voter anger, but he didn’t start it


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president on Friday.

Thank you, Gov. Chris Christie. Fabulous choice. You tell it like it is. I loved it when you fired back at Marco Rubio. And now you need to stand with Donald Trump!

Tina Peterson-Thurm

Christie must be bucking for a Cabinet appointmen­t.

Maybe he wants to be secretary of Transporta­tion so he can go back to routing bridge traffic flow.

Tom J. McConnell

Trump is a joke to most liberals, and more of a threat to the Republican Party. Republican heads are exploding.

I get to watch from the sidelines as the ball gets lobbed back and forth over the nets.

Come November, I’ll have two inferior candidates to choose from because of our pathetic two-party system.

Nathaniel Kauffman

Like others, I am not happy with my choices for president either. I would have much preferred Jim Webb as the Blue Team hitter, or at least one of them. But the Red Team has gone nuts on us.

Evad Karawan

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